Having more perfect breast doesn’t necessarily mean to have larger breasts. It’s all about proportion and shape. And with an expert surgeon, they can enhance it through the help of breast reduction uniquely tailored for patient’s needs.

Although most of the patients are happy with the result of this surgery, there are more things you need to know but never heard it from the best breast reduction surgeon in Sydney like:

Recovery process isn’t that painful.

Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure. Once the surgery is done, you will be required to wear a soft cotton bra which doesn’t have any underwire. Other than that, you’re permitted already to go home. There’s no binding or wrapping involved. It is indeed a pain-free recovery.

In fact, you can already exercise but on a limited basis right after two weeks. Full recovery will take place after three to four weeks.

No more breastfeeding.

As this procedure involve breast tissue removal, this can really mess with your capability to breastfeed. According to the researches, approximately 50% of the surgery patients lose it. Though you can breastfeed after the operation, most women opt not to do it because they are scared that their breast would return to its original size.

So, when you are planning to have a family and kids and you’d like to have breast-feed, it is much better for you to hold off for the meantime this procedure.

Not only women can have this done.

There’s a particular condition known as gynecomastia, causing extremely large breast among men. Such condition can be due to weight gain, medication or even hormonal imbalance. But compared to women, strain and pain aren’t the main things for them. They are more concerned about what other people think. They are not comfortable to wear too tight clothing or even expose their chest.

This is one reason why they choose to undergo on this surgery.

You may feel something odd in your nipples.

Sometimes, patients would notice that they loss their nipple sensitivity. In rare cases, your nipples will turn to be more sensitive. This will all depend on the procedure used by the surgeon.

Possibly, it may involve procedures.

There are some women who needs more contour or reshaping work on some area in her breast particularly on the underarm area. Since this concerns about women’s health, some insurers don’t include this on their package.

Your breast needs some time.

Sagging is a crucial part of healing process after  the surgery. Here’s the scene—your newly tucked and tightened skin would sag as well as settle for a couple of months right after the procedure. Most surgeon says that it would take quite some time, to reach that ‘permanent state’.


So, if you are planning to undergo breast reduction surgery, don’t just rely on what the surgeon will tell. Chances are, there are some things they won’t dare to discuss with you. Make your own research. You can ask advice, tips or even tricks from your friends, relatives or people who previously underwent on this procedure. If you want to know some of these, click here for more information. You’ll find amazing and effective set of recommendation in regards with the procedure.

More importantly, during your initial appointment with the surgeon, don’t be scared to speak up!

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