Most seasoned bodybuilders and athletes are interested in finding ways to boost their testosterone level. After all, the hormone is capable is doing so much more than maintaining good libido. In this post, we will talk about testosterone drugs in detail.

The basics

Testosterone is produced naturally by the testes under the influence of pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Our body is capable of maintaining the level of testosterone as required, except for a few cases, where the natural production is suppressed owing to different factors. The effects of low testosterone can be quite bizarre, including muscle loss, fat gain, decreased libido, depression, and anxiety. In such cases, doctors use testosterone replacement therapy, where different drugs are used to boost the hormone production.

Know the symptoms further

In case of low testosterone, you will see side effects like decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Most men with the condition have a hard time in maintaining the erection. A sense of fatigue continues to prevail, and you may also feel very lonely and depressed for no apparent reason. In majority of cases, patients also complain about mood swings, loss of muscles or unexpected weight loss, and obesity. Your doctor will suggest a few tests to find the possible causes, and based on your health, age and lifestyle factors, he will decide on the line of treatment.

Common testosterone drugs

Testosterone drugs are available in form of gels, creams and pills. Some of the common ones include Testosteroen Enanthate, Testosterone Cypionate, and Sustanon Testosterone. In the gel and cream forms, options are Androderm, Axiron and Fortesta. Implantable testosterone is also used in some cases, and the dosages are between 600 and 1,200 mg effective for around four months or a little more. These keep testosterone levels properly controlled, if used as intended.

Things to note

Please note that Testosterone replacement drugs are not meant for older men. The level of the hormone will start to drop after the age of 40, and this is a natural process that doesn’t need immediate medical intervention, unless the doctor agrees on HRT. Also, these drugs are not meant for everyone. You need to be a little more careful, especially if you intend to use these for fitness and bodybuilding goals.

Instead of Testosterone replacement drugs, you can go for boosters, which are legal, safe, and can be used without a prescription. Just check online to know more.

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