Clenbuterol shortly called Clen is used mostly by fitness professionals to enhance performance and to improve their physique. This steroid also known as size zero pill and acts extremely well as a fat burner due to its thermogenic properties. Celebrities use this steroid more as one of the major uses of Clen is to induce weight loss and to maintain a perfect body. However, even many bodybuilders and athletes use this drug because it has an excellent ability to preserve muscle mass. Clenbuterol is available in three types that are either in pill form or liquid form or powder form. However, Powder Clenbuterol is not widely available in steroid market like the liquid and pills forms of this drug. So most people take Clenbuterol either as tablets or as the liquid formulation. Clenbuterol HCL syrup for weight loss is more effective than the Clenbuterol tablets because syrup helps you lose weight more quickly than the tablets.

Clenbuterol in the form of injection might not be the best option even for experienced users as it will lead to added cost for maintaining sterile syringes. For all these reasons, it is always better to choose Clenbuterol syrup rather than Clenbuterol injectable form. Clenbuterol HCL syrup for weight loss is made up of Clenbuterol hydrochloride and is used widely for weight loss purpose. Generally, there is not much difference between liquid Clen and Capsule form Clen. The chemical composition of both these drugs are one and the same but the only major difference between liquid clen and pill clen is that liquid Clenbuterol is purer than pill clen as liquid clen is closer to Clenbuterol natural state. As for the tablets, they need to be mixed with other substances in order to maintain a solid state. If both the Clenbuterol syrup and the Clenbuterol tablets are manufactured exactly and properly, then the difference in terms of efficacy is negligible because the key active ingredient used in both drugs is Clenbuterol Hydroxide. However Liquid Clenbuterol, much like its counterpart 20mcg tablets, helps its users to lose weight quickly and to preserve lean muscle mass. Although liquid Clenbuterol gives great results, Clenbuterol syrup is not always manufactured to high standards as that of Clenbuterol tablets. For this reason, you should pick the trustable supplier and also you should be very careful while buying liquid Clenbuterol. Even the sources that provide liquid Clenbuterol are fewer as tablets are more common than the syrup.

The Clenbuterol cycle is administered usually for 2 to 3 weeks followed by a rest period of the same length and again the cycle is resumed after the rest period until the user manages to complete 6 weeks to 10 weeks. At the start, users can safely take the dosage of 20 mcg/ml per day to 140 mcg/ml of Clenbuterol per day and this dosage intake is gradually increased. This ideal dosage may vary depending on the factors such as level of experience in using steroid, gender and also on user’s tolerance for Clenbuterol steroid. As Clenbuterol pills are available in 20 mcg pills form, it is easy to measure the doses for Clenbuterol tablets. For liquid Clenbuterol, it is very important to know the concentration of the formulation that you have purchased as suppliers provide liquid Clen in different concentrations. Generally, users who take Clenbuterol syrup make use of micro-spoon to measure the amount of liquid Clenbuterol to be consumed. If dosage and administration guidelines are not followed exactly, then Clenbuterol may cause severe side effects.

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