Drug addiction rehab is a general expression which pertains to drug rehabilitation and presumes a medical treatment care for the reliance on illegal or legal drugs, nicotine, alcohol or any psychoactive substance. Canadian Addiction Rehab is your number addiction rehab center offering long lasting solution for your addiction issues

If there is a continuous and lusting desire to use a drug, be it a legal or illegal drug, then you are in urgent need of a drug addiction rehab. This means that you are addicted to that drug and you must take that unusual craving serious and seek urgent care in a rehab clinic for as long as it’s recommended, getting over an addiction is not as easy. There are a variety of ways you can accomplish a drug addiction rehab which includes: care centers, sober houses, rehab clinics, local support groups etc. You ultimately suffer from drug addiction in two ways: psychologically and physically.

If you do not submit yourself to a rehab clinic to curb your addiction, the addiction progresses to a chronic stage. This implies that you may continuously relapse in your struggle and may eventually succumb totally. This can also happen despite an effective treatment. During rehab, you won’t just be placed on a medication; you will be educated on how best to manage your addiction. Hopefully, you do not lose the battle and submit to your cravings, amounting to a waste of your rehab.

Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment

The treatment is based on two stages: the physical healing via detoxification or withdrawal therapy and the psychological assistance which precludes relapse. The appropriate treatment is dependent on the substance which initially caused the addiction as well as the possible side effects. Pharmacotherapies are known to be very effective in drug addiction rehab for three purposes: the maintenance, the efficient treatment of rehabilitation, and the interruption of the psychological and physical dependency. The three methods of handling a medical treatment in the course of a drug addiction rehab are linked to the symptoms of the patients and the possible side effects on the Central nervous System (CNS). And also;

  • CNS depressants – Little too extreme side effects affecting heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and can be even fatal.

  • CNS stimulants – Paranoia, depressions, psychosis, suicidal thoughts.
  • Opioids – Minor to major side effects (tremors, rapid pulse, pains, high blood pressure, diarrhoea, vomiting etc- Buprenorphine (mild opioid) is a newly approved medication in the U.S that heals heroin addiction.

After detoxification is completed, another important phase of the rehab, psychological treatment is commenced. Followed by therapy sessions accomplished through group and family gatherings.

A modern addiction rehab centre provides all the latest care that is necessary to cure a patient in the shortest possible time. Entailing both psychological and physical treatments in combination with the advanced techniques employed in this treatment are ideal ways to save a patient from the shackles of addiction. Follow up is compulsory for a complete recovery.

Many drug addicts harbour the myth that once they stop using, they are good to go. However, this is very untrue. Addiction treatment should continue till the patient reaches full recovery.