Deca durabolin is one of those steroids, which are highly popular amongst different people from various fields. Deca is enriched in a unique hormone known as nandrolone, which is naturally produced in the body. Most of the experts have suggested that deca durabolin is so close to testosterone that it is only a carbon atom away. Hence, the positive results provided by the deca durabolin are similar to those of testosterone. However, deca is considered as way safe because it doesn’t cause many side effects.

If you are planning to consume deca durabolin, then it is essential to know certain facts about the results to expect and the side effects. This will help you in planning your dosage accordingly. In this article, we will be talking all about deca durabolin and some of the facts to know about it.

What are the various uses of deca durabolin?

Deca durabolin was first introduced in 1962 by a company known as Organon international. It immediately became popular amongst the masses and as a result, people began using it in various fields. Here are few of the most popular uses for deca durabolin –

  • Deca durabolin has been used for medical purposes. Most of the doctors recommend deca to the patients, who are suffering from breast cancer or HIV. Deca helps in boosting their energy levels to help them cope up with their disease.
  • Deca is also known to treat dwarfism among the children and helps them enhance their growth. Deca tends to control the retardation among children as well.
  • In the field of weight lifting and bodybuilding, deca is vastly consumed mainly because it improves the muscle mass properties.
  • Deca is able to enhance the muscle mass by restoring the water content in the body and hence it provides the person great looking body.

Learn about the negative effects and the dosage of deca durabolin

Since deca durabolin is mostly consumed in the injectable form, most of the experts have suggested that people should not consume heavy dosages of deca. For women 20-50 mg is suggested per day and for men 500 mg per week will be more than enough. Some of the negative effects of deca durabolin include the development of man boobs, the decrease in the sexual appetite etc. The other major side effects include erectile dysfunction.

Before consuming deca, make sure that you seek the guidance of any expert so that you know if the deca steroid results available online are genuine or not.

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