Aniracetam and Pramiracetam both are members of the Racetam family and more powerful derivatives of the original nootropic Piracetam. The two popular racetam nootropics that are considered to be beneficial for memory, cognition, and focus. Therefore a guide to the differences between Prami and Ani is given below:

Pramiracetam is a supplement that comes along with stimulant-like properties. Moreover, its regular use also helps in increasing mental energy and alertness. It is quite potent, and even a lower dosage can elicit good results. The second racetam developed, Aniracetam was found to be beneficial when treating anxiety, mood, behavioral issues, confidence and feelings of well-being. Pramiracetam has been shown to increase mental performance and is reported to promote high-intensity focus, attention, control and executive function. Both are fat-soluble racetams with high oral bioavailability and good safety profiles. Both appear to enhance cholinergic neurotransmission, increase blood flow to the brain and have memory enhancing effects. A guide to the differences between Prami and Ani can be quite helpful.

Moreover, Aniracetam is quite potent, almost 3-5 times stronger than Piracetam. It offers the same impact and comes with a wider range of therapeutic benefits. Thus, the preference of people lies with it. Like Piracetam, it increases acetylcholine activity in the brain which is linked to memory, attention, and reasoning. Aniracetam molecule is similar to Piracetam, except for the addition of a methylated phenyl group where Piracetam has an amide chain. Aniracetam is also known as a big health booster and ensure improvement in both cognitive functions and mood. It also helps in improving memory as it has a faster recall ability.  Aniracetam is also considered to be one of the best overall mood enhancers from the world of nootropics. Taking a consistent regimen of Aniracetam may lead to the relief of stress and anxiety. Aniracetam seems highly adept at remedying social anxiety because both helps to get the brain rid of repetitive negative thoughts and increase verbal processing skills.

The advantages of taking the Prami and Ani.

The real claim to fame of Pramiracetam has to do with purpose-directed behaviors. The energy of the users is found directed in a positive way for achieving goals that have been pre-determined. The person will find himself to be highly productive and not much effort will have to be put into it for doing so. Brain experiences more blood flow which results in more intake of oxygen. It also helps in effective glucose metabolism. This user also enjoys a marked rise in general brain energy and may even produce a natural ‘high’ or feeling of well-being. Many people report experiencing more creative or “out of the boundaries.” Pramiracetam is also being used in some clinical settings and treatments both with and without prescriptions. Guide to the differences between Prami and Ani makes things clear. The most notable of these is in regards to Alzheimer’s disease. The fact that they are absorbed so rapidly has to do with both compounds being fat soluble whereas Piracetam and Oxiracetam are water soluble. Between the two, Pramiracetam is even more soluble in lipids and tends to have a much higher bioavailability.

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