The pituitary gland produces the growth hormone in the human body and with changing dynamics in the human body, growth hormone secretion has become erratic. Humans now have to resort to supplements to provide them with adequate hormones to effectively function. Growth hormone deficiency is the medical term associated with this condition. In the case of this deficiency, the human body starts developing signs of osteoporosis, weak muscles, fatigue and energy loss, weight gain and cholesterol problems. On the psychological front, there are chances of having chronic depression, anxiety disorder, and social isolation. Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in 1985 and is used in the form of pills and intravenous shots. HGH happens to be an active ingredient in a lot of medicines these days. The hormone helps in regulating the composition of the body, its fluids and induces muscle and bone growth. It plays an active role fat metabolism and systematic functioning of the heart.Image result for HGH Supplement Changing Dynamics of Human Body

Online information and other benefits

There are many websites available like which provide a detailed information on HGH Supplement including dosage and products which contain the same. HGH supplements are available at common drugstores and the name is self-explanatory. The supplements contain added vitamins and minerals which give a holistic cure to the human body. The Pituitary gland requires certain amino acids to function properly. These amino acids are only found in food items and not produced naturally. The HGH supplements act as a cover for the enzymes and provide the body with a blanket of protection. Amino acids present in the supplements include Tryptophan, Leucine, Lysine, Histidine, Phenylalanine and Valine. Apart from vital amino acids, there is an abundance of vitamins and minerals which bridge the gap and the body healthy.

Dosage and Dos and Don’ts

The dosage for HGH supplement varies from user to user as body composition is not the same. It is essential to read the labels to understand the dosage pattern offered by that particular brand. Ideally, you should go for small doses, to begin with and gradually increase the dose for the same. You might have to consult a medical practitioner if you are taking other medicines. For, the chemical compositions may not be in sync with other and can have adverse reactions. It is advisable to avoid HGH supplements if you are pregnant or consume antipsychotic medicines. Pregnant ladies have a high risk of gene mutation which is not desirable. There are certain websites which provide a list of dos and don’ts about HGH supplements. An example of a website is Also, it is crucial to know the side effects before opting for intravenous shots of HGH supplement. The intravenous supplements have a different composition and are very case specific. Not all medicines are for everyone and the same needs to be done in a restricted environment. Research has shown that the side effects of these supplements are low and the users don’t need to feel scared about its consumption.


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