The growth hormone is famous in the fitness world. It is available both in synthetic and natural forms. Though doctors do not recommend for non-medical purposes, still it has under the usage of famous celebrities for bodybuilding. Growth hormone is important for every function of the body and it is naturally produced in pituitary gland. Growth hormone and its cycle are potential to increase bone strength and body mass, increase endurance, improve blood pressure, encourage tissue generation.

Human Growth Hormone dosage:

For physical enhancement: Generally the dosage for performance enhancement falls from 2-8 IU daily and professional bodybuilders may go over 8 IU which is not recommended. We can see the effects range wise.

2 – 4IU daily HGH dose: This range is commonly used to attain anti-aging, skin health and minor fat loss benefits. This dose cannot do any dramatic changes since it is very close to the natural production of HGH at young age. Either muscle anabolism or fat loss will not be experienced from the dosage unless the user belongs to 40 years and above.

4 – 6IU daily HGH dose: This range of dose will produce a moderate and noticeable fat loss in users along with small measure of muscle anabolism associated with it.

6 – 8IU daily HGH dose: This dose will generate dramatic fat loss in most of the individuals and muscle gains. However, muscle gained from HGH at any dose will always be apparent in later weeks or months of use due to hormone nature.

The muscle building and strength gaining effects of Human growth hormone are not apparent when compare to its weight loss effect. Growth hormone cycle for fat loss will be seen immediately, but the effect of lean mass increases less apparently. When HGH is used with other anabolic supplements the muscle growth will be more dramatic and immediate.

Human Growth Hormone Cycles as defined by Goals and types of Use. Growth hormone cycle for fat loss cycle is (4-6 months cycle length). The goal of using any types of supplements say hormone, testosterone, insulin or cortisol, the user should discuss with the doctor regarding the dosage direction when using the supplements.

Human growth hormone effects

There are plenty of side effects to watch while taking growth hormone, mostly carpal tunnel syndrome. This symptom is what many bodybuilders use to determine whether or not the dose is too high. In some cases, bodybuilders will push through to finish off the cycle with highest dose which is not recommended.

Those suffering from blood sugar issues – such as through diabetes, are especially cautioned not to take growth hormones unless directed under a health professional. Human growth hormone can affect blood sugar levels, dropping them to dangerous levels if there is too much taken. When the people cross 4 IU and above they often notice the fallen fingers, face with a little fuller. This side effect will be temporary and goes away once the dose is lowered or two weeks after the cycle is discontinued.

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