The journey of steroid started with the development of Anabol and it is still very popular among users. Though many new steroids are now available in the market but if you are a beginner then it is best to try Anabol. It can help you to develop your muscle mass and also increase your strength. People have found lots of benefits by using it during bulking cycle without any appreciable side effects. That is why Anabol remains always a popular choice of many athletes.

Benefits of Anabol cycle

With Anabol cycle, you can do your workout for much longer duration. That is because of increase in nitrogen level in your body, which allows you to do harder workout. Also, it raises your body insulin and thus your body remains relaxed and lighter. You will get better appetite and sound sleep too.

Once you complete your cycle, it creates a temporary anabolic state in your body and does not allow the protein of your muscle tissues to breakdown as amino acids. Not only it helps to increase your muscle gain but also maintains it even if you stop your workout.

In order to get quick results, you must take fast acting oral Anabol along with long acting injection of Anabol during its cycle. After you notice good results say after first week then continue your cycle with injections only.

The dosage during the cycle should be between 25 mg to 50 mg per day for 6 weeks. Stop taking oral pills as soon as you notice the results.

Anabol is relatively stronger drug and hence you must not continue beyond 6 weeks. Otherwise it can raise your blood pressure and also damage your liver. Too much retention of water can develop man boobs.

Side effects of Anabol

Like any other steroids available in the market, Anabol too has few side effects, which can be avoided by maintaining discipline in using this drug. Some of the common side effects observed are as follows:

  • Water retention and bloating effect if the dosages are not properly maintained and you are not taking right kind of diet.
  • People with history of blood pressure may be very careful and monitor their BP regularly. As such this drug is recommended for healthy people and people with hypertension must avoid it.
  • Gynecomastia can occur and one must be vigilant about it.
  • Natural production of testosterone may drop.

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