Orthopaedics is a dynamic and fast evolving field. With people facing quite a number of bone issues, orthopaedic surgeons are gaining importance and speciality orthopaedic centres like Onward Orthopedics are becoming quite common.

Some other trends which have also become quite popular in the year 2017 in this field are:

  • Bundled payments:

This payment model calls for a comprehensive package for knee replacements coupled with hip replacement. This makes it a very cost effective and also improves the quality of service that the patient gets. Consequently there is a higher number of satisfied patients than before.

  • Outpatient procedures:

There have been rapid developments in the recovery pattern of patients leading to shorter stays in the hospitals. Thus today it is possible for some procedures which were considered to be exclusively inpatient ones are now being administered to outpatients also, thereby doing away with the need for hospitalisation.

  • Pain management:

This move towards the popularisation of outpatient surgeries and procedures had also resulted in several alternative methods of pain management. These methods are based on non-opioid techniques whereby prominent is given to methods like:

    • Regional nerve blocks,
    • Oral medications,
    • Intramuscular injections and
    • Intraoperative methods.
  • Infection control:

In any bone surgery, infection can put the person undergoing the same in grave danger. Hence it needs to be avoided at all costs and in instances wherein there has already been an onset of post-operative infection, most orthopaedics follow a 2-stage process for the elimination and subsequent recovery of the same. At many orthopaedic speciality clinics like Onward Orthopedics, testing for a new single stage system is being carried out so as to make even post-operative infection a hassle free recovery.

There are many other technological developments which are happening simultaneously. And with quite a few of these in the testing stage, seems as if orthopaedic surgery is gearing up for becoming more efficient and effective in the near future.

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