One of the most frequently abused drugs and often consider illegal is the use of Marijuana popularly known as weed or pot.

Long-term use of this drug is known to cause serious addiction and individuals who try to quit are faced with the challenge of withdrawal symptoms. This can be a major problem when trying to quit and it is for this reason that people sought for treatment.

Keep your urges and craves on check as much as possible. Addiction Rehab Toronto provides tools designed to help control this urges and helps you maintain abstinence. The moment an individual begins to crave for the substance and even continues its use despite the fact that it has negative effects on their lives, family relationship, academics or work, then such an individual has abused the substance including marijuana.

Marijuana abusers looking to quit are faced with withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite, increased anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability and craving to use. These indeed can make quitting a challenge, making it a bit difficult to stay on the road to recovery.

How You Can Stop Smoking Marijuana

  • Having some level of motivation gives you a sense of direction and keeps you on track with your reason to quit. Motivation and determination basically keeps you focused on your goal.
  • Manage your thoughts and avoid resorting to the use of drugs in order to avoid solving your problems. Signing up for a reliable rehab center will give you an edge over the challenges of marijuana addiction.
  • Set your priorities right as those who are addicted to drug like Marijuana tend to prefer smoking pot rather than being in places such as school or work. This throws your life off balance. Skills can be acquired and built through a reliable rehab center recovery with all the facilities to help balance your goals and pleasures.

Things to do once the addict begins recovery:

  • Encouraging the addict by changing your attitude and approach to the problem.
  • Living with an addict can have an effect on everyone involved. So try focusing on yourself and your life and the newly recovered addict will do same
  • Maybe detaching yourself from the behavior of the addict is worth a try. It is nothing wrong instead you would help them see situation in a more realistic way, thus enhancing their decision making skills.
  • Try to keep a good relationship, maintain some level of harmony and be encouraging.

Things to avoid once the addict begins recovery

  • Making efforts to appease or please the addict. This will give the addict the opportunity to mess around.
  • Keeping a close watch on the addict to know if he/she is stoned or in possession of drugs or even alcohol. But at the same time you need to make sure the addict didn’t take advantage of you
  • Making empty threats. Even scolding or nagging or blaming the addict about previous use can help.

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