To relieve a chronic muscle pain or a related dysfunction, do you believe using only the traditional modes of following the long list of medication prescribed by a doctor that includes painkillers, muscle relaxants, anti-oxidants, nutritional supplements, or even think further, an unwanted and painful surgery? Have you ever thought it would be possible to recover from such a painful experience without going into all this? May bethrough something as simple as a Deep Tissue Massage or an Active Release Technique? Well, if you still have not given it a thought, give it a try now because it really works just like a magic wand!

Basically, if you talk about any usual mode of treatment, there is always a high possibility of greater risk attached to it. In the case of surgery, it can be even in the form of permanent scars for the lifetime that are sure to attribute to a demoralising mindset about oneself. In order to avoid such situations, certain specific tissue massaging techniques are available which a perfect alternative to such painful treatment are.Image result for Massaging Technique: An Untapped Mode of Healing

How does it help?

Everyone wants to recover from an injury, a chronic or an overuse pain without giving much time to the process of recovery which is uncommon in the case of the conventional methods of treatment. A unique, rather underestimated mode of deep-tissue-massage or active release technique is a sure-shot way to achieve success in such cases. For example, if you are a fitness freak, you are quite susceptible to a lot of muscle and tissue pain which leads you to go for unnecessary medication. As an alternative to medication, a soft-tissue massage can be adopted to overcome such a pain even if it is termed as “incurable” sometimes.

Deep Tissue Massage

When you experience some sort of muscle tension or are suffering from a past injury, usually certain adhesions are formed in, on and around the muscles’ ligaments and tendons. This adhesion leads to blocking the adequate supply of blood and oxygen to the injured tissue and thus, causes unbearable pain which subsequently results into limiting our muscle movement.

A deep-tissue-massage is a combination of several techniques of massage through firm strokes and pressures used by a professional by using his fingers, thumbs or elbow, directed to the particular affected area. These strokes or pressures can break down the adhesions formed due to an injury, and thus allow a free movement of the muscle by relieving the pain and tension.

Active Release Technique

Similar to Deep-Tissue-Massage, an Active Release Technique also uses various methods of treating even a well-settled pain by working on the softtissue of the affected muscle. Just performing certain muscle stretching movements never work. Instead, it all starts with identifying the nature of the particular injury first, moving to noticing its effects and thus, to prescribing a treatment for it. Such treatment doesn’t involve the usual methods of taking pills or going for a painful surgery but it is a combined effort of massaging methods to heal the pain.

Kinds of Injuries Treated

Use of massaging methods is generally followed to cure the following:

  • Accidental injuries which are a very common reason for causing extreme damage to the soft tissues of our body
  • Sports injuries which happen if one leaves the regular exercise regime for some time, leading to the tightening of the muscles
  • Overuse syndromes which are job-related and quite repetitive in nature and thus, cause muscle tension and pain
  • Other forms of long established muscle dysfunction

Though the above-mentioned modes of treatment, along with several other similar-natured practices can be really painful and intense sometimes, it is worth trying them at least once to believe their healing power. Anyway, what can be more painful and restricting than the pain your injury is giving you at the moment right now!

Author Box: James Sherer backs up the massaging techniques to get relief from any pain as a result of sports injury. He holds special praise for the active release technique that does wonders towards the healing of pain.

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