Whenever a question of choice of a reliable juice extractor arises people always opt for Omega brand since it’s one of the most eminent manufacturers on the current market. Indeed, the highest-level durability and material quality of Omega products have been proven by thousands of satisfied customers’ reviews. Today, in order to enjoy the merits of owning a no-failure kitchen appliance one doesn’t have to dig through tons of technical forums and user’s manuals. One can just read the NC900HDC review and get the answers to nearly all the questions that have been bothering him/her for quite a while.

Easy in use device assigned to bring you lots of fun

First things first, Omega NC900HDC is that kind of a kitchen device every sophisticated juice lover dreams of. Despite the fact it can’t be referred to the cheaper segment goods, it’s worth every single penny spent on it and saves money in a long run. The key factor making it so popular and boast such a high working efficiency is, surely, the use of a new technology. Owning to a low rotation speed it produces no heat during work (unlike the earlier introduced centrifugal machines) and emits a minimal level of noise. The slowly rotating blades easily deal with any sort of ingredients and provide the maximum amount of yield a product of this type can currently offer.

Another peculiar fact about the appliance is that it comes with a larger compared to other models chute. This brings convenience in terms of ingredients’ preparation, for one can spend less time on chopping the fruits than it usually takes. So, when purchasing this very model of a juicer you get more than simply a high-end device – you save plenty of your precious time in a long use.

Advantages of owning Omega NC900HDC

High-quality nutritious juice

Of course, when it comes to purchasing a juicer the first thing to cross one’s mind is the quality of juice he/she will acquire in the end. In the case with Omega NC900HDC, the quality of produce is just unmatched! This is mainly achieved due to the product’s technical features, giving it a significant edge over centrifugal juicers. The absence of such factors as heat, oxidation and vibration allow the fruits and vegetables to preserve the vitamins in their initial state. Eventually, the resulting juice tastes perfect and can be stored for longer.

Pressure adjustment

What makes this product distinct from some major part of competitors is that it allows you to set control over the process of juice extraction. The pressure settings are just there to fulfill that task. Thus, you can adjust them for every particular sort of fruits and vegetables you want to press. This will also influence the amount of separated pulp.

Product’s versatility

And one more thing to admire is the model’s versatility. In contrast to the cheaper devices, this machine not only presses fruits/vegetables but crushes nuts and prepares baby food as well. Undoubtedly, young families will find this feature beneficial and will eagerly use it for making all kinds of sorbets and nut butter. With this as a concept, even the regular need for clean-up won’t be viewed as a problem, because cooking will just turn into pure fun.

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