Many of us have heard about Testoviron and have used it too. Bayer Testoviron is a popular and potent anabolic Steroid which are mostly beneficial for bodybuilders and anyone who want to increase male hormone level.  But, have you ever wondered how safe it is to take Testoviron. Is there anything to be worried of while having Testoviron? Well, you can find the answer for all your queries here.  Testoviron Depot is considered to be the one of the most powerful Steroid in the market and has a different effect on different human. Before using this drug, you must literally research about this drug ion all possible aspects and know how it can function in your body. Here, we have included all the short term and long term Bayer Testoviron side effects.

Complete review on Testoviron

Testoviron has the ability to increase the testosterone level in the body and improving sex drive and libido. It has been proved that this Steroid increases the stamina and strength and also the performance of the body. It increases the synthesis of red blood cells thereby providing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle for encouraging growth. Bayer Testoviron side effects can be very dangerous due to its potency. So, it is highly recommended to know everything about the product including the effect of that on your body.  Also, it increases the nitrogen retention in the muscle and helps promote the stamina and muscle growth. It is quite effective against weight loss and muscle loss for people suffering from diseases like AIDS, anemia, muscular dystrophy, etc.

It is not just for bodybuilders and bodybuilding websites to improve their content of before and after pictures. It is even for medical purposes. But what cost it comes with? Testoviron can have adverse effect in some body even if they use it properly.Apart from the well know fact that it causes testosterone suppression, it even increases the low-density lipoproteins and causes variety of cardiovascular issues. The lack of Testosterone in the body can be a big problem and Testoviron plays the role of ceasing the synthesis of Testosterone in the body. These can lead to Testicular atrophy which is the shrinkage of testicles and even infertility. By increasing the cholesterol level, it increases the chance of heart attack or stroke. Some mild drugs are not so much of a concern but some can affect various organ functions for a long term even having life threatening property.

Testoviron is not advisable for women because of its high androgenic properties. The potential of negative effects to women can cause enlarged clitoris, smaller breasts, growth of hair in face and other part, deeper voice and disruption in menstrual cycle. This clearly indicates that women should not consume Testoviron until it is very much necessary. There are lots of dosage recommendations and you must choose the most appropriate one for your body after consulting a doctor. Testoviron is not a bad thing to have until you are wary of its effect on your body.

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