A bright smile is adored by all and loved by us! And each morning you dress up for work if your smile is the very thing that troubles you, it’s time to visit your dentist!

If there is one thing that we all have been constantly asked to since childhood, it would be a visit to the dentist every six months. But how many of us do it really? The rush to the work each day and the daily schedules are all to be blamed for negligence and the result is sore and ugly gums which seem to have no repair all by itself. No matter if you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly or stay away from sweets, if your teeth aren’t cleaned or checked by a doctor once or twice a year, they are going to hurt you. And so here are a few signs that you should consider as the ultimate invitation to the dentist. Read them and book your appointment now!Related image

  • Pain in Tooth

Ignoring the pain in the tooth is the most common and unavoidable thing for you. Chewing on a food and getting that toothache hit gives you an urge to visit a doctor right away. Chances are what you might consider as cavities can be something even bigger and serious. It is important to treat the root cause of all the pain in your tooth and so getting yourself treated is a need.

  • Inflated Gums

Sometimes you notice an inflated gum around a particular tooth which is painful when touched. This even makes chewing food and keeping your mouth normal problematic. These are infections which in the form of hardened plaque have accumulated in the gum line and if remain untreated can seriously harm the gum line and teeth. Time to rush to your doctor!

  • Whiter Teeth

Often we come across the developments on the teeth which look even whiter than the normal shade. This actually is your teeth decaying and can be treated when you get regular cleanings done by your dentist. Thus, start with your cleaning right away and promise to stay on six months routine check-up schedule.

  • Sensitiveness

If you experience an increased sensitivity to hot or cold food, you are probably experiencing tooth decay. This happens on the surface of the teeth at first and later travels to the inside i.e., the root and the blood vessels where the sensitivity becomes unbearable. So if cold and hot food has started to the trouble to your teeth visit your doctor and get treatment.

  • Bad Breaths

You might be brushing twice a day, using the mouthwash after food, and trying to keep your mouth clean all the time but if the bad breath still persists, chances are you are suffering from gingivitis. This is the disease where the mouth produces bad breath and sometimes even makes you feel like you have tasted metal in your mouth. Gingivitis, if untreated, starts harming your teeth and gums too. If you think you have bad breath which is getting intolerable, time to get your treatment from a good dentist.

  • Brown or Black Spots

Since childhood, the root cause of tooth pain is the decaying teeth and the harmful bacteria that settle on it. Give a good look at your teeth in the mirror and see if the teeth have any brown or black spot; they are the bacteria, eating your teeth up and are going to slowly make it painful and rotten with no solutions. A dentist shall be able to clean it and save your teeth now!

Taking care of your gums and teeth is very necessary and a good dentist is your partner in life. Choose the best dentist near you and book an appointment now!

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Robert Wolf prepares a checklist of symptoms which tell a lot about the state of your dental health. With this information, you can always judge if the time is right for you to visit a dentist immediately.

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