As part of a tonic formula used in folk medicine, the cissus quadrangularis has been known to provide an analgesic relief for a variety of musculoskeletal pains. It is known to increase the rate of healing for bones, ligaments, and tendons while providing anti-inflammatory relief. It also contains antioxidating properties that help protect your body’s cells from harmful oxidants. Some studies have indicated its potential in aiding weight loss among chronic takers of the supplement.

A cissus quadrangularis contains its natural plant extract’s active ingredient and added nutrients. The additional vitamins and minerals help the consumer keep up with their normal daily recommend intake of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, C. quadrangularis active ingredients in itself is already a package of health benefits.

Athletes that report taking the supplement for weeks report a noticeable decrease in the amount of musculoskeletal pain experienced in their extremities. This has led to an increase in focus and performance among athletes because the distraction of pain is tolerated to manageable levels.

The effect of C. quadrangularis after oral intake can be felt within the hour. Pain relief is the first noticeable effect followed by sedation. The sedative effects of C. quadrangularis make it unfavorable before pre-workouts. However, these sedative effects once taken during well timed situations can also be an added benefit that a disadvantaged side effect. C. quadrangularis’ sedative effect is best put into use just before sleep to aid in rest and relaxation. This helps you gain stress relief after a rough day and may even manage insomnia.

Oxidants are naturally produced by the body and the human body also produces antioxidants to reverse its hazardous effects. However, during events when the body experiences stress such as in disease states, the body produces more oxidants and less antioxidants and this leads our cells prone to damage. C. quadrangularis contains antioxidants that help combat potential reactive oxygen species (oxidants).

Furthermore, for patients trying to recover from musculoskeletal injuries, cissus quadrangularis supplement helps increase healing rates while providing alleviation from pain. The plant extract is often used for broken bones, torn ligaments, and tendon inflammation problems. C. quadrangularis also helps increase the rate of calcium deposition in bones. Hydroxyapatite is a compound predominant in bones. When combined with C. quadrangularis extract, research has shown an increase in bone mineral density. These findings support claims of the plant extract helping fight the progression

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