It is known secret that film industry across the countries are known to use the drugs heavily. Lot of actors and actresses went through the rehabilitation process to come out of the habit of using drug for whatever purpose it might be. There was a controversy erupted during the beginning of the year 2017. It was the time when the popular TV serial Baywatch was released. There was heavy rumor in the industry and media circle that the actor Zac Efron used the steroid to get the body on show.

How they come to this conclusion

From the time it came across in the forums and in the social media networks there were several heated discussions going on there with lot of people posting comments and status both supporting and opposing the use of drugs to increase the body. Efron used to appear lean and slim teen and young adult, the sudden change in the body physique raised the eyebrows and this is where all the rumors began to float around the usage of the steroids by the actor. There are several facts that show he may not have used the steroid. In the interviews lead up to the premier launch he has mentioned that he was under special diet and went through special exercise regime to ensure he get the body for that film and diet and exercise was followed for several months to get the desired results. Also with the wealth he has, he can easily hire the personal trainer for the gym and get the body that required for the film and he does not need to go to any illegal ways. While there is no direct evidence to prove that actor used steroids for the film, the pervious history stands against him. Though there is no direct drug abuse history, he has undergone treatment for substance abuse problem way back in 2013.

Also some people who are familiar with the usage of drugs say that there is a change in his face post usage of the drug. Also they points out that there is a change in the voice depth and change in his body hair and aged appearance of this face. Also they point out his association with The Rock, a wrestling star and co actor who have previously admitted to use the steroid. But there is no evidence to show that he is currently under the steroid usage. Also Efron was never caught possessing or using the steroid. So it is wise to give the benefit of doubt to the actor. He might have used supplements to get bigger body. There is no way you can come to conclusion that he got the body only due to the steroids and he is the drug abuser just because he got the bigger body compared to his last film. We need to trust the actor in this and most of the news that’s comes in circulation in social media are anyway find to be fake and not worth discussing.

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