The Winstrol is the brand name of the Stanozolol 10mg tablets in United States and this popular anabolic steroid is produced from the di-hydro testosterone where this steroid is approved from a wide range of the applications from human to veterinary medicine. This steroid stimulates the production of the red blood cells and therefore it is used in the treatment of the hereditary angioedema and anemia and it also restrain the anti anabolic actions of the cortisone hormone. The Stanozolol steroid have also been originate in simulating the making of the collagen and the winstrol comes in the two forms where one is from the oral form and another one if from intramuscular injection form. The 10mg generic Stanozolol tablet is used in the development of the muscle mass and it is very useful in the loss of body fat where this makes it to be a popular steroid among the body builders and the athletes and however this possession of the Stanozolol has lead its negative viral by many.

The Stanozolol comes with the few side effects where some are not telling any issues while using it.  These side effects of the Stanozolol steroid are generally reversible and even sometimes it can appear without any notice and an important alternative to the Winstrol steroid is D- aspartic acid where this amino acid has the capacity in raising the production of the testosterone in adult male with the percentage 42%. Currently most of the popular testosterone steroids support available is Tribulus plant and this plant have been used from long before and now it is used in improving the libido and muscle mass growth.  

Side effects of the 10mg winstrol Stanozolol steroid

Like most of the other drugs the winstrol drug does not has its own possible side effects but the side effects are rarely manifested when it is used at the responsible and decent dosage. The level of the adverse side effects differs from person to person and will sometimes the user face the allergic. The side effects of the 10mg generic Stanozolol tablet are liver toxicity which is the utmost side effect of the Winstrol steroid.

  • It increase in LDL of the bad cholesterol and it decreases in HDl of having the good cholesterol and this imbalance sometimes leads to the some medical issues like atherosclerosis
  • The use of the Stanozolol will leads to high blood pressure and this may be partially attributed to increase in the cholesterol level in the body
  • Increase in the blood pressure is a predisposing factor to a kidney disease because of the overlabored kidney
  • In some cases the Stanozolo may leads to decrease in the flow of flood and this will eventually makes the failure of the heart.

Stanozolol steroid is a toxic to the liver and could lead to the inflammation of the liver when it is taken for long period of time and it also leads to the cancer of the liver.

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