Outdoor playground equipment is a crucial need for any developing child to remain healthy and strong as he or she grows into adulthood. There are many reasons that children should play outside from expressing their creativity to running freely and making messes without worrying about cleaning them up. In addition, there are also a number of health benefits associated with outdoor play on playgrounds and other fun children’s equipment.

Children love to play, and too many adults and parents fail to understand exactly why play is so important. Take a moment to think about your childhood. Did you play many games with your friends at school or at home? Were most of those games played outside? What you did not realise at the time was that you were learning important life-long lessons during that time. You kept fit, made and broke connections, built and lost friendships, and otherwise got ready for what the future had to hold.

Improved Vision

In one study, children who spent more time outside had better distance vision than those who primarily played indoors. While there was not a direct cause found for this, the results were significant and many parents began putting their children outdoors more often. It is not uncommon for an entire family to be in glasses before the age of 12, but it is not a bad idea to try to prevent this situation by any means necessary. If sending your child out onto the playground for some fun may help him or her enjoy better eyesight, that is just one benefit of many.

Social Skills

Playground equipment suitable for any playground space is designed with children in mind. It is on this equipment that children forge their first true friendships, learn how to win and lose with grace, and learn how to follow rules. Even if the children make the rules up on their own, following them is a key developmental milestone that every child should eventually reach.

This is where children learn to share, how to play in a group, how to take turns, and what it means to be told “no.” Unlike adults, who are more likely to let a child win, children have no hesitation in regard to making another child lose a game. These young people are equals in every way and that is extremely important for your child. It is during this time outdoors with peers their own age that they begin to develop their personalities and form their first opinions of the world around them.

Physical Fitness

Running, jumping, climbing, and swinging are just a few of the activities performed on the average playground. Equipment designed to get children moving is ideal and children do not even know that they are exercising in this situation. Childhood obesity is a pandemic around the world now and outdoor play is the key to keeping your child fit and healthy. Whether your child is naturally larger than the other children is not important. It is the constant movement of playing that he or she needs to ensure that he or she is larger by nature and not because he or she is overweight. Children who enjoy better fitness and diets at a young age are more likely to grow up into adults who make better dietary choices and remain thinner as they age.

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